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Joshua Roach, his wife Sylvia and their children live near Palmer, AK. Joshua pastors Alpine Baptist Church in nearby Sutton, AK. Joshua and his family have a great burden to present the Gospel of Christ to the villagers along the Yukon River and coastal villages on Prince William Sound. After many years of faithful visits, by boat in the summer and snow machine in the winter, these people are opening up to the "Good News" the Roach family brings. 

Yukon River Knives and its partners are committed to supporting this important work. A portion of the purchase of these knives will go directly to the "Yukon River/Coastal Alaska Ministry".

As you use your "Yukon River Knife", please join us in praying for safety as the Roach family travels, for hearts to be open and for the word of God to be powerful and effective in changing lives.

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