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Black Knife Poster
  • Black Knife Poster

    The Pocket Knife Poster Blackout Edition is a modern guide to knives and their details. The top of the poster features an OTF knife, automatic knife, folding knife (a CRKT pocket knife), fixed blade bowie knife, and a balisong (butterfly knife). Across the bottom of the poster there are traditional knife styles from Case and Buck, and the middle features a Spyderco knife to illustrate various pocket clips. The outside of the poster is lined with blade shapes like karambit, cleaver and tanto (a typical tactical knife style). Here’s the deal: if you’re interested in pocket knives or you’re looking for a great gift for men, this is a solid piece to have in your home. Spruce up a bathroom with classy wall art. Heck, hang it over your mantle. Visitors to your home will either think the poster is wicked cool or they’ll think you’re nutty. If they think you’re a crazy knife person, no sweat amigo. Help your visitors move along by telling them all the intricacies of blade steel until their eyes glaze over and they stumble off your lawn. You don’t need that type of negativity in your life anyway. Enjoy your hobby. Enjoy your poster. Enjoy the four knives you EDC’ed today because you couldn’t decide which to carry. No judgment here.


    • STYLISH - This white on black poster includes 20 different panels about knife sharpeners, folding knife facts, butterfly knife styles, and common knife steels.

    • EXPERT – The poster will help you learn about blade styles like switchblade knife, OTF knife and Bowie knife, along with sprucing up your garage or man cave. It’s like a pocket knife for men, amigo.

    • QUALITY – Made in the USA and printed on waterproof paper with waterproof ink. This is a premium poster that will hang proudly in your shop or shower as bathroom wall art. That’s right: hang this beauty in your shower. 

    • SIZE – This inspirational wall art poster is 17.75 x 24”. It fits nicely in an 18x24 inch poster frame, or just slap it up as wall art for your living room.

    • DETAIL—The poster is packed with simple line drawings of swiss army knives and survival knives, along with heaps of info about spring assisted knives and a quick overview of knife maintenance.

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